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About Us

Let’s face it – WE love sport. It’s the number one reason why there is Supreme Sports. .

After working separately and together on commercial, voluntary, and charity projects we decided that we should combine our efforts and start Supreme Sports, a site that acts as your provider to a sport of your choice. Yes, okay, we admit that there seems to be a lot of football but we aim to offer other sports along the way. Hey, if there’s enough demand for something you want to take part in then we will go full slog to make it happen. Doesn’t have to be a league, can simply be for fun as a social event or if there is considerable interest then a cup tournament. Whatever it is we go full out in trying to create something for you to sink your teeth into and really feel like you belong to something. If you shake hands, make friends, and have some fun along the way then that would exceed all expectations.